Multimedia, anyway you want it.

Its pretty simple if you just want to make a words and pictures website, maybe a bit of video, but what if you want more than that? Never have times been more uncertain, the once trusty Flash plugin is now dead, replaced by a plethora of javascript based technologies. Great that there are so many to choose from, but a nightmare if you want to build something thats not an ordinary website. jQuery seems like a go-to option, but chances are that the thing you want is a plugin and that means no central dedicated developer team, and when it goes wrong you are in trouble, let alone trying to update it.

If you have a need for a website or digital design thats outside of the usual, I am probably the web designer you need. I have worked with international companies, household names making this kind of content so you can be sure I have a good track record. I have specialised in interactive, animated multimedia digital product thats outside the norm and generally much harder to create, especially with the loss of Flash.

HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript

All my websites are made with HTML5 in mind. They only use HTML, CSS and Javascript to do everything. Basically anything you could have dreamt up in Flash, can now be done in HTML5 and more besides, even if the website has complex interactive moving image parts.

Responsive, mobile friendly sites

Any of the technologies ( generally ) work on mobile or tablet so long as the design is considered, and can be tested down to however many mobile / tablet devices you want to target.


Most people want a simple bit of video, which can easily be done with a youTube link, but what if you want more? What if you want custom controls? what if you want to add interactive overlays or feed live data as its being played? Along with being able to place native HTML5 video - so theres no need for third party websites, I can create highly interactive video thats got all kinds of stuff going on, pretty much anything you could think up.


I can create traditional frame based animations as would have been done in Flash, and code based animations that would have been seen in Actionscript, and anything that you might want across that spectrum. Basically if its animated it can be added to a webpage and combined with any other interactive moving image content.

Special effects

With the power of some of the technologies, its now possible to add things like particle effects to a combination of video or animation. This gives you access to things like rain, smoke, snow and so on, which adds another dimension to overlay video or graphics


Things that made Flash so appealing like drag and drop, mouse or touch controls, keyboard input etc are all possible.


Add stuff from database, live feeds and pretty much anything you can find in the wild on the internet.